A Beginners Guide to Industrial 12V Batteries

Industrial batteries are widely available in market and on online stores. Industrial battery basically converts chemical energy into electricity to make appliances work. They come in different shape and sizes and in variety of quality to suit different types of applications. There are two main types of industrial batteries, primary and secondary. Primary industrial batteries are also known as disposable batteries as they are non-chargeable and are to be disposed of or replaced once the energy supply ends. The energy is produced by the material inside the battery and with time it gets exhausted; at this point the battery should be replaced. Secondary industrial batteries are also known as rechargeable batteries as they contain material which can be reactivated by charging. When the energy produced by these active materials drop below the optimum level these batteries need to be recharged. The industrial battery maybe charged in different ways depending on its construction.Additional classification of industrial batteries includes Industrial alkaline batteries and Forklift batteries. Industrial alkaline batteries or also known as Energizer industrial alkaline batteries come in different model and sizes. They provide power for modern devices that demand high power and are heavily used. They usually come in a pack of 12 or 24 and there size may vary. These batteries are mostly non-rechargeable and come in various sizes such as triple A, AA, C, D and 9-volt sizes. There prices vary from 7 to 15 dollars and can be purchased safely from online stores. The estimated time of delivery is 5-6 working days. Forklift batteries are rechargeable batteries which need to be recharged from time to time. When the energy level falls below optimum one should recharge the battery. Basically this type of battery is used for lifting and transferring heavy loads. Mostly this battery is used in trucks for lifting and carrying heavy loads.Usually industrial batteries come along with maintenance equipment and other maintenance equipments may be purchased from market or online stores. Many sites sell maintenance equipments for your industrial batteries and some of the products include Cable Retractor, Cell Filler, Lifting Beam, Hollow Post Drill, Forklift Attachment, PVC Syringe.Industrial Batteries by Specification:Voltage Capacity, Amp Hours (AH) Battery Type
Less than 4 volts – At least 0.2 ampere/hr – Disposable Batteries
4 to 7 volts – At least 2 ampere/hr – Rechargeable Batteries
7 to 15 volts, – 15 to 30 – At least 20 ampere/hr
volts and 30 volts – At least 200 ampere/hr – Lead Acid Batteries